Bamboo Tea

bamboo tea.jpg

Silica is what enables the bamboo to grow very rapidly especially in its ideal tropical climate. Silica is also what enables us humans to grow our hair, nails. For those of us lacking in this important mineral, and concerned about poor hair and nail growth, bamboo tea may be the answer.

We recommend Beautifully Bamboo, Bamboo Tea which sells 30 tea bags, as part of their 30-day hair and nail growth challenge. Try it out, after getting the okay from your doctor or licensed health professional.


Disclaimer: is for entertainment purposes only. While we wish for everyone to enjoy the benefits of alternative healing, we are not licensed medical professionals. Always check with your doctor or a licensed professional when trying a new food, nutritional supplement or exercise regimen to ensure safety. It’s encouraging that more and more doctors are open to using treatments combining alternative and conventional medicine, so we encourage you to ask and get their advice before proceeding with trying recipes shared on this site.

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