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Cerasee Tea

20160304_133339.jpgWith the scientific name Momordica charantia, “Cerasee Tea” is a staple in many Jamaican households. The highly potent, medicinal herb is Native to Africa and carried by African Slaves brought to the Americas. Though extremely bitter in taste, the herb is taken often by those who experience its numerous health benefits of Cerasee tea including anti-inflammatory and immune boosting properties to combat the cold/ flu season, acne particularly for women around the time of menstruation, detox after eating sugary foods. Others believe that it is useful in treating hypertension, hair loss and urinary tract infection.

So effective in lowering blood sugar that it can be a danger to diabetics on blood sugar lowering medicines, as there blood sugar can dip dangerously low. Therefore doctors supervision and advice is strongly recommended before taking this herb.

Cerasee is also known as balsam apple, balsam pear, bitter gourd, corrilla and karela.

You can purchase the tea online from a number of websites.

We recommend Angel Brand Cerasse Tea. Sweeten with Raw Manuka Honey Paste by YS Eco Bee Farms .


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