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Moringa Leaf

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A small tree that is native to North India, Moringa oleifera also known as  horse radish tree, ben oil tree, drumstick tree. Nearly all parts of the tree are edible. Scientists are just beginning to research and validate the many uses of Moringa as a medicinal herb, found to have impressive levels of vitamin B6 and Iron in their leaves. With high contents of Vitamin C in the pods, over 150% of the recommended daily allowance. Moringa is thought to increase blood antioxidant levels which is beneficial in preventing many diseases, and can be used to preserve meat and other foods. It is advised that one not consume Moringa immediately following a meal as it can prevent the absorption of vital minerals and proteins.

Studies researching the effect of Moringa herb is just getting underway. Though promising results in research on rats find many health benefits. We also have the history of its use for thousands of years for treating and preventing many diseases.

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