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5 Health Benefits of Mango Leaf

mango tree pic less leaves

Adored for its sweet fruit and its fragrant flowers, the mango tree is ubiquitous throughout the tropics. While the fruit offers many health benefits including loads of free radical fighting, cancer-fighting vitamins and nutrients , the leaves of the mango are extremely rich in vitamins A, B C, flavonoids and phenols and used in a myriad of home remedies in throughout the Caribbean and India.

For maximum benefits use young leaves. The majority of the home remedies below call for the use of dried mango leaf powder. Choose young tender leaves, dry in the sun, pound in to powder using a mortar and pestle. If you do not live in the tropics and/or have access to a Mango Tree, you can purchase Mango Leaf Powder by NutriCargo.

As with any home remedy please get advise from a certified health professional for guidance to ensure safety.

1. Pre-Diabetes, Diabetes Prevention
The leaves contain tannins called anthocyanidins, which clinical research has proven effective in treating insulin instability, pre-diabetes.

Make a tea infusion of mango leaf powder by soaking the leaves overnight. Do not heat.

2. Earaches
Use the extract of mango leaf (approximately one teaspoon) to create ear drops for ear aches. Use the drop a few times per day until infection clears.

3. Hypertension
Use the overnight tea infusion of powder mango leaves for blood vessel strengthening properties to treat hypertension.

4. Kidney Stones
Dissolve kidney stones by drinking one half cup of the powdered tea infusion of Mango Leaves three times daily. Additionally drink warm water to help flush out your kidneys.

5. Digestive Imbalance
Make a tea with fresh Mango Leaves, consume one cup each day. Avoid dairy with the exception for yogurt and kefir, avoid spicy foods. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

Have you used Mango Leaves for other remedies not listed here? Let us know!


Disclaimer: GingerHoneyTea.com is for entertainment purposes only. While we wish for everyone to enjoy the benefits of alternative healing, we are not licensed medical professionals. Always check with your doctor or a licensed professional when trying a new food, nutritional supplement or exercise regimen to ensure safety. It’s encouraging that more and more doctors are open to using treatments combining alternative and conventional medicine, so we encourage you to ask and get their advice before proceeding with trying recipes shared on this site.